Travel U Shaped Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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About Story At Home U Shaped Travel Pillow : 

We all have and issue falling asleep while travelling in a train, bus, plane, car. It hurts if the neck structure is not properly supported and some time also cause severe injuries. The best way to avoid these injuries while sleeping during the travel is to keep our head in proper position. Also if we properly support our neck and head it helps us to easily fall asleep. This is where travelling pillow helps us out the most. Story at home U shaped memory foam travelling pillow are tested in various conditions and thus will be provide the best travelling accessories that every traveler should have. 

Features : 

  • Accurate U Shape for best comfort for kids, adults and elders as sleeping pillow.
  • Made from high quality memory foam pillow to adjust its shape according to the shape and position of your head and neck. Memory foam is the one of the best pillow material for supporting your body during rest due to its unique property to adjust accordingly to your body position and weight.
  • A soft cover to keep you cozy and skin friendly.
  • It is easy to attach to any luggage with a convenient pull handle and does not take any extra space which allows easy transportation.
  • Reduces neck pain and prevents neck injuries during travelling.
  • A unique design to support both inclined seating or normal seating of your travel seat.
  • Compact size which would suit requirement of people of all ages, genders, and body types.
  • U-shape design supports your neck perfectly, quickly removes muscle numbness, promotes blood circulation, helps treat arthritis of shoulder and neck cervical spine injuries.
  • Ultra-soft and relaxing, portable, durable and lightweight.
  • Story@Home Neck Memory Foam Pillow is an ideal travel companion. Perfect for those who travel for long hours in planes and car.
  • Includes tie up knot closure ensures pillow stays in place on your neck.
  • Can be used as normal pillow for head while sleeping in flat horizontal position.


Technical Specifications :

  • Type :  U-Shape memory foam pillow for travelling
  • Filling Material : Memory Foam
  • Size : L X B:- 29 CM X 33 CM or L X B:- 11.4 IN X 12.9 IN
  • Contents : 1 Pc Memory Foam Neck Pillow
  • Color : Grey
  • Pattern : Checkered