Premium Memory Foam Pillow - 22" X 15"

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About Memory Foam Pillow
Get a Good Night's Sleep! - Before You Buy a Pillow, read our Description that promise to improve your sleep and reduce your neck pain. Quality sleep is an elusive commodity for millions. The complex process of attaining a quality sleep pattern can be compromised by a number of factors that you may or may not have even considered. One such factor is simply the wrong pillow.

• Stress is an important factor when trying to physically get to sleep in the first place. When stress levels are high, muscles will be tense, blood flow is decreased, and the brain is overactive

Sleep more deeply and wake up with less Stress Pain and Stiffness.Choose Memory Foam Pillow for the support that feels best to you.

• Allow for muscular recovery
• remove pressure from bony prominences
• and enable the musculo-skeletal system to relax

Technical Specifications:

  • Pillow Color: White, Outer Cover Color: White and Brown
  • Memory Foam Pillow Size: (56 cm X 38 cm)or(22" X 15")
  • Scientific design helps to cure cervical, spondylosis or back pain, neck sprains/ stiff neck problems while sleeping.
  • Inner Material: Memory Foam, Outer Material: Cotton benian
  • Package Content : 1 Pillow