Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

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Story@Home new range of comfortable multipurpose laptop table with mobile and tablet holder.

Almost every one wants to use their laptops in different places other than a table. But when we try and use it like for example on a bed, couch or while just sitting on the floor we do not have proper way to place it. Imagine its your day off and want to be on bed and use laptop, or just having a coffee or tea on your couch and have to use laptop or using the laptop just sitting on the floor, now ask yourself is it proper to place the laptop with out proper base? Laptop are pretty delicate devices and hence need proper base to perform and last long.

Using of laptop on your lap is never recommended as its heat damages your skin. Placing laptop on bed doesn't allow the air flow to the laptop components making it quite hot, it not only degrades your laptop's life but also sometimes failure of it. Easy dust accumulation of dust. when you place a laptop in the floor or the couch or your favorite bed the dust and lints from the fabric around easily gets sucked inside the laptop which will again capture moisture and hinder the proper flow of air. There are various reasons for one to use a proper laptop table.

We know this and hence have designed this laptop table to be simple, elegant, practical, functionality and effectiveness. 


  • High Quality With High Density Wooden Base
  • Thick W Leg Design For better Stability
  • Curved Ergonomic Design
  • Tablet and Mobile holder with cable management
  • Durable and much safer
  • Bigger space below the table
  • Can be used for your bed breakfast or just reading or writing

Technical Specifications:

  • Color : Black and silver
  • Pattern : Stripes
  • Size : 60 cm X 40 x cm X 30 cm OR 23 X 15 X 12 INCH
  • Contents : 1 Piece laptop Table